Finding / Printing Forms

  • All available forms are accessible at the following index page: Current versions include a Docket Summary and a Master Calendar Hearing, but these will certainly be expanded later on to include forms for Merits / Bond hearings, etc.
  • All forms are designed to be printed in duplex format (front and back) to save paper
    • It is also possible to print / scan one side per page if your printer/scanner does not support duplex operation
  • Prints must be made on plain white paper with black ink
  • Paper should be thick enough to prevent significant bleedthrough with pen / ink used
    • Cardstock works great, but is certainly more expensive
    • Using pencil instead of pen is recommended if paper is particularly thin
  • Resolution should be as high as possible (300 dpi (or dots per inch) is required)

Completing the Forms

  • Forms should be completed with black pen or pencil
  • Ink should not bleed through such that content on back is readily visible from the front
  • Checkboxes can be checked or marked with an X. They can technically be filled in (but this would be tedious and unnecessary :)
  • Free-form text boxes will be transcribed by the volunteer or team lead so as long as the meaning is clear to the person transcribing, shorthand is acceptable
  • Docket ID is an identifier for the volunteer's reference. It only needs to be unique enough for the volunteer to match a hearing to a particular docket
  • When the volunteer is not the same person as the team lead, the volunteer ID should always be provided so correct routing can happen on the site
    • Volunteer ID can be found in the menu popout when logged into the site (next to name and email)

Scanning the Forms

  • Scanning should be done only in black & white (or grayscale) mode
  • If printed in duplex mode, forms must be scanned in duplex mode
  • Scans should be 300dpi (see link in print resolution section for explanation of importance)
  • Pages should be scanned in the order in which they were printed
  • Scans can be batched, but…
    • No more than 5 forms per batch (to limit file size)
    • Different form types must be scanned separately
      • All Docket Summaries together, all Master Calendar Hearings together
      • Must not mix different form types together
    • Hearings that are part of the same docket should be kept together. (Eg: docket ID 2 hearings should not be scanned into same pdf as docket 3)
      • Naming files should indicate docket ID number (eg: mch_docket_2.pdf)