CourtWatch Contributors

CourtWatch has been a deeply collaborative project. Without our partners and a variety of critical open source software, this program and application would not have been possible. We are immensely grateful to those who have contributed and who continue to build with us. Innovation Law Lab would like to particularly acknowledge and appreciate some of these individuals and projects.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their testing, feedback, and collaboration to help hone our observation forms, application, and overall program:

  • Kelsey Provo Law Lab staff attorney and court watching cognoscente
  • Kristin Yarris Associate professor, University of Oregon

While we utilize a variety of open-source software, we would like to highlight the following critical projects which make CourtWatch possible:

  • SDAPS - SDAPS is an excellent free, open-source library for creating and processing paper-based surveys. This is a core piece of CourtWatch and makes digitizing observation forms much more efficient. The developers for the project have also been very generous with their time and support.
  • Ruby - Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of the Ruby programming language once said that his key objective with the project was to make programmers happy. Well, he and the Ruby community have certainly made us happy to work with such a beautiful and expressive language
  • PostgreSQL - CourtWatch leverages a powerful database schema to support different forms, uploaded data, reporting, relationships between users and key data, etc. Postgres is the stellar relational database that makes all of this possible. Mature, stable, fast, feature-rich... <3 Postgres
  • Sinatra - Sinatra is a lightweight and elegant Ruby web framework. It has been a key piece of the CourtWatch app and is a joy to use.
  • Materialize CSS - Jose Cruz, our lead designer, took the Materialize CSS framework and used it as the foundation for the beautiful CourtWatch user interface. Materialize has been a pleasure to work with